Nintendo is one of the popular successors of the video games industry; no other company has gained higher popularity than this. Nintendo is also a video game publisher which supports other developers to launch games. The game Pokemon ruby is developed by Game Freak, but Nintendo Company is the publisher of it. In this mobile gaming era, there are still so many players in the world who loves to play game by advance gaming setup. Pokemon ruby is based on arcade games set up, which is more accurate and interesting to play.

Gameplay guide to progress

*         As well all know about the Pokemon world and everyone in the world who watch the animation and play games know about them as well. The world of Pokemon is very amazing, and it got the highest earning animation series as well. So after the success of anime, the publishers and developers have decided to make a game on them as well.

*         The game is very easy and has a very smooth concept to play, players have to collect Pokemon and win so many tournaments to increase the level and unlock more other Pokemon. All of these things are not that easy to do because, at the beginning of the game, players have only one Pokemon that is obtained from the lab and with that player have to collect more Pokemon.

*         Pokemon has unique powers, and skills players just have to collect many of them with strategy and win battles with them. In order to win experience points in Pokemon ruby, players have to fight with Pokemon, or sometimes fights happen between trainers also.

All these adventure and fights are the most amazing part of the game, and millions of players love to play this lovely game.